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The Thrill Seeker's Guide to Savannah's Legendary Mystery Pub Crawls

What to Expect: A Night Full of Surprises with History, Haunts and Hops

Get ready for a night where the unexpected is the only expectation. Savannah's legendary History, Hops and Hops is not your average bar hops. You'll explore historic haunts, hear tales that chill to the bone, and sip on brews that have stories of their own. Your guide navigates through shadowy streets with a flair for the dramatic. Expect to meet characters as colorful as the drinks they serve and challenges that will have you puzzled and thrilled. You won't know what's next—and that's the whole point. Pack a spirit of adventure and a taste for the unknown; Savannah's waiting to reveal its mysteries, with History, Haunts and Hops.

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