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Why a Savannah Pub Crawl is a Must-Do for History and Horror Enthusiasts

Ghostly Legends: Why Savannah is a Hub for Horror Fans

Savannah prides itself as one of America's most haunted cities. This is not just talk. The city's long history, dating back to 1733, is filled with tales of ghosts, spirits, and unexplained mysteries. From historic battles, tragic deaths, to eerie cemeteries, every cobblestone street has a story. Walking through Savannah with one of our guides from History, Haunts and Hops, especially at night, you can feel the past lingering in the air. Horror fans, here's why you'll love it. First off, the haunted pubs. You're not just there for a good time; you're stepping into stories that have chilled the bones of locals for generations. And it's not just about hearing these tales; it's about possibly experiencing something supernatural yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll have your own ghostly encounter to add to Savannah's rich tapestry of haunted lore. So, for those who crave a bit of a thrill with their pint, History, Haunts and Hops is the tour for you!.

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